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Sunday's Best


Sunday’s Best is a Brooklyn-based jewelry line created by Sophia Keleta and Samira Chung, who launched their collection in the spring of 2008. A strong connection to their cultures has informed their vision; Sophia has roots in Eritrea and Pakistan and Samira grew up in Equatorial Guinea. Influences spanning from the exotic—eastern patterns and heirlooms, vintage textiles, and Persian tapestries—to the ordinary, such as the chipping away of paint—infuse Sunday’s Best jewelry with intricate shapes, patterns and cut-out details that have come to define their aesthetic. With a palette of gold, oxidized silver, bronze and vermeil that also incorporates wood, rope and silk ribbon, Sunday’s Best straddles femininity and masculinity with jewelry that is delicate, but not dainty, possessing a soft, understated beauty with a dash of edge. Sophia and Samira have set out to create special, treasured pieces that will invoke the very pride and confidence one feels when donning their “Sunday's Best.”

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