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SMASH! Tennis Challenge Profile: THVM Atelier, Boris & Venus

Team 10: THVM Atelier

Los Angeles based denim label THVM Atelier joins SMASH! for the first time, representing for the westcoast and all denim wearers everywhere. Already running a bespoke jeans operation, collective creative studio, and biannual arts and culture magazine entitled Them Rag, this do-it-all duo means business.

Though the young brand is only a year old, they’re here to remind us that age ain’t nothing but a number. Their collection of high style but low priced skinnies have already made them a recent staple in every denim connoisseur’s closet and  their motto of minimal design and excellent quality suggests that when it comes to SMASH!, they’ll be bringing the same no-frills powerhouse skills to the table.

Watch out, SMASH! competitiors!

Team 11: Boris & Venus

SMASH! 2010 Tennis Challenge winners Boris & Venus return this year to show that it wasn’t just first timer’s luck. Made up of Jesper Damasgaard Lund, the Creative Director of Bergdorf Goodman and Zani Suttle, a former division 1 collegiate player and founder of Polkadot What, an emerging kids wear brand focused on fun and fashionable leggings, this dynamic duo has already proven that they have what it takes to bring home the gold but can they do it again?

With this year’s competition stiffer than ever with a whole slew of new teams hungry for the top spot, these reigning champs will have to fight to keep their crown. Stay tuned to find out if they’ll be able to it!

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